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Android application for on-field salesmen.

Mobile devices have long become an inseparable part of our private lives, so it comes naturally that this change will invade the world of business as well. Android application for field sales aims to replace traditional selling practices, and the problems they carry with them.

Apart from obvious advantages, digital sales platform offers great control of employees, a complete overview of their performance and ability to easily create various reports.

Tailor-made software

Available solutions were not adequate for Ducla Trading company because those impose sale mechanisms that are not in compliance with their established business model. We have been given the task to create the application from the scratch, which would be adapted to the client, as opposed of client adapting to the software.

Another big advantage of custom-made solutions is that they dramatically reduce the cost of adapting the existing business software. This is because the adaptation is done on the Android application, during the development. Making it free of additional and hidden expenses.

Offline regime

Application does not require constant Internet connection. Salesman can gather field data for a large extent of time, without worrying about the signal strength or data consumption. Once connected to the WiFi network, device is synchronized with the server. This reduces the cost of the required hardware and also saves the money that would otherwise be spent on mobile provider.

Synchronization work in both direction, so device only requires a few seconds to send gathered data, but also to receive updated information from the server.

In order to make sure the data is up to date, the system requires that a synchronization has been successfully competed at least once in the last 48 hours.


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